Accessibility Services

Accessibility services are primarily about providing easy online accessibility of study materials to students who suffer from hearing or visual disabilities. Since online studies are slowly becoming an integral part of education today, having proper accessibility services assumes even greater significance, so that students with disabilities can also have easy access to study materials available online.

Steps to adding easy Accessibility Services to online resources...

One of the first steps that new websites can undertake is to build accessibility of online study resources from the very beginning when the site is still being developed. If the website is already up and running then existing features can be reworked to create accessibility services in the site. However, building a fresh site is definitely a much more preferable option, because having a pro-active approach to incorporate accessibility services not only cuts down costs in the long run, but it also improves user friendliness as a whole. When improving accessibility of the site, there are 4 main areas of online materials that would need to be reworked to achieve this objective.

Having easy accessibility to Audio and video content on the website is an absolute must to increase a website’s accessibility for disabled students. The first step in this matter will be to include closed captions with every audio-visual presentation hosted on the site. This will allow students with hearing disabilities to see the information on screen that is being spoken during the video. Similarly, having an audio description of the chapters will allow blind students to assimilate that information without any issues at all.

Easy accessibility to documents is another area that would need to be worked quite thoroughly. This would include working on study materials, assigned homework and periodical exams and incorporating Document Reader feature on all these sections. This would make it easier for Blind students to grasp the instructions with the help of the audio file. Using the best Braille codes and painstakingly recorded audio files that maintain very high degree of clarity while absolutely eliminating any doubts from the students’ minds.

Providing easy accessibility to images present in the online study materials for disabled students is definitely a very tricky thing by far. However, there are sites that are now using tactile graphics as a substitute for images to allow visually impaired students to have an easy access to charts, diagrams and other study materials. Another way of doing this that is far more labour intensive but less costly is the descriptive text. Also known as Alternative text in websites, it actually describes all the details of the image in a short and simple way. 


To Conclude In The End

Today, the significance of incorporating accessibility services while building a website is extremely crucial in the context of people suffering from disability. In order to ensure that those with disabilities are not left behind because of lack of accessibility, websites need to get their act together as soon as possible. And especially when it comes to offering educational courses through online resources, website owners must take every step possible to ensure that no willing student is left behind because of poor accessibility on the site.

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