Alt-text Writers at Innovalance

In a digital environment, such as on a web page, alternative text (alt text) is a narrative text that illustrates the significance and context of a visual component. It is an alternate key method in providing written material about images and graphics that are rather difficult to analyze by certain individuals due to inevitable reasons.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but who is to acknowledge the details that can go unnoticed by visually impaired individuals if the data shared is majorly visual? In a climate where people with disabilities are assuming central roles in multiple organizations, an inability to provide alternative ways of transmitting visual data can be a drawback in growth and development.

Alt-text writers should illustrate an ability to comprehend the nuances and intricacies of graphical diagrams and images, the workings, and technicalities, and tap into the precise way of representing the details in the written format. It is essential that alt-text writers are able to understand concepts of an image appropriately, and preferably better than others. This expertise can lend itself to curating accessible texts, guides, and manuals for people with learning disabilities and visual challenges.

Skills of Our Alt-Text Writers

At Innovalance, the alt-text writers are highly-trained to transcribe images of any complexity level and deliver precise content that can be effortlessly navigated by visually impaired content consumers.

How can Innovalance help you with Alt-text writers?

The alt-text writers at Innovalance are amply trained to analyze complex graphical data and produce materials that provide easy understanding to the target audience. They ensure perfection in the written material which is detailed and concise in nature, suited to the requirements posited by the organization. What sets us apart is the thorough technical knowledge possessed by the alt-text writers which makes the content accurate, factually well versed, and articulate. Innovalance undertakes multiple steps to ensure the above-stated parameters are fulfilled through image categorization, analysis of content, concise and detailed explanation, alt-text writing, and final proofreading and review. Our alt-text writers have immense contribution in the development of texts for various educational books, training materials, and guides. We make accessibility a non-negotiable in our content.