Tailored Video Solutions to Meet All Tutorial and Homework Needs

Empowering education with interactive video technology

At Innovalance, we specialize in developing video-based learning solutions for a global clientele.

Today, the traditional methods of learning are facing challenges due to new and improved learning techniques. One such method that is becoming increasingly popular is video solutions, as they make learning enjoyable and interactive. Clients worldwide use unique video lessons and lectures to engage their learners. However, creating high-quality video solutions is a resource-intensive and expensive task, and not all clients have their in-house teams to produce them. Hence, most clients rely on specialized agencies that provide video production services.

But choosing the right agency is not an easy task as there are many options available in the market. The lack of subject matter experts and fact-checkers to validate the content in the videos is a common issue faced by clients. Some agencies focus more on visual appeal rather than the content quality, which is not ideal for learning. Additionally, some agencies lack the technical expertise required to produce high-quality videos and conduct live lectures. Hence, clients must carefully analyze an agency’s services before partnering with them to ensure that they receive the best video solutions.

With our expert team and advanced technology, Innovalance can provide high-quality video solutions that meet the clients’ requirements and enhance the learners’ experience. Our services are flexible and customizable, ensuring that the clients receive exactly what they need to succeed.

Innovalance’s commitment to providing the best quality services is evident in our extensive quality control process. Our team of quality analysts checks the videos for content accuracy and content presentation. We also ensure that our videos are accessible to learners with disabilities. Our solutions comply with industry standards and are optimized for any device and platform.

We believe in delivering the highest-quality eLearning solutions that are personalized to meet client needs. Our team of professionals and technology ensure that clients receive video solutions that are engaging and educational. Partnering with us will provide clients with peace of mind and the assurance that their video solutions are in the best hands.

Types of Video Solutions

Innovalance offers a variety of video solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. Our experienced team of video creators, editors, content developers, subject matter experts, and research analysts work together to provide optimal video solutions for different subjects, courses, and grades.

Process Flow

Innovalance's process of delivering interactive video solutions is an efficient and reliable one. To ensure that our clients receive high-quality and on-time results, we have devised a systematic workflow, which involves the following steps

Our team at Innovalance starts by collaborating with clients and understanding their requirements for the video solutions.

Based on the requirements gathered, we design a blueprint that outlines the areas of development.

We then create a script that outlines the content and structure of the video.

Video Development: Our team of video creators, editors, content developers, SMEs, and research analysts then develop the video based on the script.

Finally, our quality analysts review the video to ensure accuracy and accessibility before delivery.

This process ensures a collaborative effort and high-quality results in all our video solutions.