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The key issues in developing K-12 content include aligning the information to learning objectives and curriculum standards, presenting information in a grade-appropriate manner, calibrating content knowledge to different grades, having an aesthetic sense for organizing content, proficiency in content enrichment tools, and managing time-consuming delivery and meeting schedules for clients in different time zones.

Innovalance is a company that offers a solution to the challenges faced by K-12 curriculum development by providing a team of experts with both subject matter knowledge and the writing skills required for developing assessments across all grades. They understand the importance of common core standards and other classification frameworks for learning objectives. They also offer the flexibility of working with clients in different time zones, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Innovalance can help by providing a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are specialized in different disciplines and grade levels and are conversant in Webb’s DOK levels, common core standards, and Bloom’s taxonomy. The team is able to create both direct and higher-order thinking questions across all DOK and Bloom’s levels, and the work is further enriched by the contributions of quality analysts, editors, and graphic designers. The services are available 24/7, allowing for flexibility in managing content across different time zones.

The quality assurance process at Innovalance is thorough and efficient, with each assessment item developed by an SME undergoing quality checking and plagiarism scanning by Quality Analysts (QAs) before being delivered to the client. The QAs ensure that the assessments are original and plagiarism-free, adhere to client guidelines, and map to learning objectives, standards, framework, and metadata provided by the client. This ensures that the assessments are of high quality and meet the client’s specific needs and requirements.

Types of Content Development Services

Innovalance is an educational content development company that offers a wide range of services for K-12 students and educators. Their services include textbook content development, solution manuals, test banks, curriculum development, lesson planning, and practice papers.

Innovalance provides print and e-book content for various subjects, tailored to the client’s specific requirements and aligned with different curriculum frameworks.

Innovalance’s SMEs develop step-by-step answers to complex problems, helping students build knowledge and insights for similar problems that may appear later in tests.

Innovalance provides new and existing question banks, validated through expert feedback and statistical measures, to effectively prepare students for exams.

Innovalance’s experienced curriculum designers organize curriculum for different K-12 grade levels based on common core standards, integrating material to contribute to students’ overall personality development and providing interactive methods for instruction.

Innovalance’s lesson planners create engaging and interactive lesson plans with relatable activities to enhance students’ learning experience.

Innovalance develops practice papers for all subjects and grades, with questions that demand different thinking skills, ranging from direct to high-order thinking skills.

Our K-12 clients

Innovalance is a leading provider of K-12 assessment development services to prestigious clients from reputed enterprises, universities, and schools. They are familiar with the latest tools and digital platforms to create an optimum e-learning experience across diverse audiences.

They deliver NGSS assessment development solutions to K-12 schools in the USA, the UK, Australia, the UAE, Singapore, and India. Their assessments are in strict adherence to the curriculum framework and the prescribed blueprint provided by the client.

Innovalance also caters to Publishers by providing a diverse question bank that has received universal appreciation. This question bank can be used by publishers to create high-quality assessments and resources that align with the curriculum and standards.

How It Works

Innovalance's process flow for creating educational content includes six steps:

This step involves gathering information about the client’s needs and goals for the educational content.

Based on the information gathered in step 1, the areas of the subject matter that need to be covered are identified.

The resources and efforts that will be required to create the content are documented.

A template or blueprint is created to guide the development of the content.

The content is created based on the template or blueprint, using the resources and efforts identified in step 3.

The content is reviewed for information accuracy and linguistic correctness by quality analysts and editors.

Effective Content Delivery for Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education Content Development Services

Providing Customized Content Writing Services for Specific Subjects, Incorporating Creativity, Innovation and In-Depth Research.
We are a comprehensive and high-quality educational content-writing service provider for our valued partners.

Creating educational content for higher education can be a complex task as it requires aligning information to the specific learning objectives and standards outlined in the curriculum framework. The challenge is further exacerbated when content developers are not familiar with the subject-specific intricacies and pedagogy of certain concept fields.

Developing quality educational content for higher education requires a combination of specialized knowledge, literary skills, and an understanding of interactive teaching methods. Additionally, the content must be visually appealing, well-organized, and supported by high-quality images and appropriate formatting. Many content developers may not possess the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance the content effectively. Additionally, coordinating and meeting with clients based in different time zones can be a challenge.

Acadecraft has a team of experienced and qualified subject matter experts who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of various concept fields in higher education. Our team is well-versed in the pedagogy of different subjects and can present detailed information in an interactive and engaging way. We are also supported by a team of graphic designers, editors, and quality analysts who ensure that the final content is aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality.

Our team is experienced in aligning the content to the learning objectives and standards of the curriculum framework and can provide content in a variety of formats, including e-learning modules, interactive presentations, and assessments.

We also provide 24/7 support to our clients, ensuring that the content can be managed across different time zones. Our team is well-versed in the tools that can be used to enhance the content, including multimedia, animations, and interactive simulations.

In summary, Acadecraft can help in developing high-quality educational content for higher education that is aligned to the learning objectives and standards of the curriculum framework, presented in an interactive and engaging way, and supported by high-quality graphics and appropriate formatting. Our team’s availability 24/7 ensures that the content can be managed across different time zones.

Our team of Quality Analysts (QA) specializes in different disciplines, such as Biology, Economics, and ELA. All content developed by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) undergoes thorough quality checking and plagiarism scanning by our specialized QAs before delivery to the client. Our QAs have extensive experience in the industry and have a meticulous and efficient quality-check process.

The QAs ensure that the content:

  • Is original and free of plagiarism
  • Adheres to the client guidelines
  • Maps to the learning objectives, standards, and any other framework
  • Is relevant to the topic and factually correct
  • Is free of language and structural errors
  • Is it in the accurate format
  • Is supported by relevant and appropriate graphics and other visual representations.

Types of Content Development Services

We provide a wide range of content development services for higher education, tailored to the specific curriculum framework and guidelines provided by our clients. Our services include

Textbook Content

We provide comprehensive content for print materials and e-books for various concept fields in higher education. Our team has a deep understanding of different curriculum frameworks and can deliver content that aligns with the learning outcomes.

Solution Manuals

Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) creates step-by-step solutions to complex problems in an illustrative and accurate manner, helping students to deepen their conceptual understanding.

Test Banks

We develop new question banks for higher education based on the client's requirements. Our team ensures that all items in our question banks are reliable and valid through expert feedback and revisions.


Our curriculum designers are well-versed in the pedagogy of different concept fields in higher education. We create systematic and organized curriculum for different subjects, relating prerequisite and additional learning knowledge with on-grade knowledge and mapping it to common core standards.

Lesson Plan

Our lesson planners are skilled in organizing content and delivering key information in an interactive and knowledgeable manner. They incorporate high-quality content and visuals to make concepts more understandable for students.

Practice Papers

We create practice papers for all concept fields in higher education, ranging from direct to high-order thinking skills questions. Our SMEs have years of experience in creating questions that represent all concept fields of higher education.

Process Flow?

Our process is divided into six steps

Our team takes the time to understand the specific needs and requirements of our clients, including their curriculum framework and learning objectives.

We identify the areas of development and the type of content that needs to be developed, such as textbooks, solution manuals, curriculum, lesson plans, and practice papers.

We document the required efforts and design the template/blueprint accordingly, ensuring that the content is aligned with the client’s needs and guidelines.

Our team of experts designs the content, ensuring that it is visually appealing and easy to understand, with high-quality images and appropriate formatting.

Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) develops the content, ensuring that it is accurate, relevant, and covers all necessary information.