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K-12 Assessment Development Services

We specialize in providing online assessment development services that are designed to meet the unique needs of our valued partners.

Online Assessment Development Services for our Partners: Quality and Resourcefulness Guaranteed.

The key issue or problem statement is that developing assessments for the K-12 curriculum is a complex task that requires a team of experts with both subject matter knowledge and the ability to write questions that elicit higher-order thinking skills across all grades and subjects. This team must also have an understanding of common core standards and other classification frameworks for learning objectives. However, finding such a team can be difficult, and even highly knowledgeable subject experts may not have the writing skills needed for developing assessments across all grades. Additionally, for clients based in different time zones, coordinating and maintaining a delivery and meeting schedule can be a time-consuming hassle.

Innovalance is a company that offers a solution to the challenges faced by K-12 curriculum development by providing a team of experts with both subject matter knowledge and the writing skills required for developing assessments across all grades. They understand the importance of common core standards and other classification frameworks for learning objectives. They also offer the flexibility of working with clients in different time zones, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Innovalance can help by providing a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are specialized in different disciplines and grade levels, and are conversant in Webb’s DOK levels, common core standards, and Bloom’s taxonomy. The team is able to create both direct and higher-order thinking questions across all DOK and Bloom’s levels, and the work is further enriched by the contributions of quality analysts, editors, and graphic designers. The services are available 24/7, allowing for flexibility in managing content across different time zones.

The quality assurance process at Innovalance is thorough and efficient, with each assessment item developed by an SME undergoing quality checking and plagiarism scanning by Quality Analysts (QAs) before being delivered to the client. The QAs ensure that the assessments are original and plagiarism-free, adhere to client guidelines, and map to learning objectives, standards, framework, and metadata provided by the client. This ensures that the assessments are of high quality and meet the client’s specific needs and requirements.

Method of Assessment Development

Innovalance follows a strict method for assessment development, adhering to guidelines prescribed by clients. The assessments are mapped onto a variety of academic standard and metadata, including:

This ensures that the assessments align with the specific learning objectives and standards of the client and meet their specific requirements. The team at Innovalance is well-versed in these standards and frameworks and uses them as a guide to creating high-quality, effective assessments.


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Types of Assessment

Innovalance offers a wide range of assessment development services that are customized to the educational framework of the client. The types of assessments they develop include

Customizable questions in various formats are mapped to standards and metadata tags. Questions avoid revealing answers in the stem or distractors.

They can develop text-based, picture-based, graph-based, table-based, or diagram-based short-answer questions, which can be answered directly. The questions are developed keeping in mind the specificity of the length and the scope of their answers.

Innovalance’s team put their talents through a rigorous recruitment evaluation process for the best project delivery possible in the industry. This increases productivity and cost savings. Their talent assessment services never cease to bring about the right outcomes.

They develop questions with a standard set of appropriate rubrics, representing all levels of Bloom’s taxonomy associated with higher-order thinking skills. These levels include applying, analysing, creating, and evaluating questions.

They develop questions that challenge students to apply their high-order thinking skills to complete a task in real life. Such questions are a great tool to evaluate the practical skills of students.

They stay updated on the latest trends in the e-learning industry and create and tag technologically enhanced items directly on clients’ digital platforms using available tools.

They develop questions that can challenge students to support their answers with material from the text. Such questions may have more than one right answer, which provides students with a wide range of key details about the text enhancing their understanding when working on such questions.

They also develop questions of a discipline integrated with another discipline, as required by a certain curriculum. Such questions enhance students’ ability to apply their knowledge to a wider range of scenarios.

Our K-12 Clients

Innovalance provides K-12 assessment development services to prestigious clients worldwide, leveraging the latest e-learning tools for interactive and metadata-aligned items.

NGSS assessment development solutions are delivered to K-12 schools in several countries while strictly adhering to the curriculum framework and client requirements.

Publishers can access Innovalance’s diverse question bank for high-quality assessments and resources that align with curriculum and standards, enabling students to prepare more efficiently.

How It Works

Innovalance's process flow is designed to ensure that students learn subject matter clearly and comprehensively. The process is divided into six steps:

The first step is to understand the requirements of the client, including the curriculum, standards, and learning objectives.

The next step is to identify the areas of development and the specific content that needs to be covered.

The team then documents the required efforts and designs the template/blueprint accordingly.

The template/blueprint is then designed based on the client’s requirements and the areas of development identified.

The content is then developed by a team of subject matter experts, writers, and graphic designers.

It is the final step where the Quality analysts and editors assess content for accuracy and linguistic correctness to ensure alignment with the client’s needs.

In summary, Innovalance’s process flow ensures that assessments are developed to align with the client’s specific needs and requirements by following a systematic approach that involves understanding, identifying, documenting, designing, developing, and assessing the content.

Revolutionizing the way global assessments are developed and delivered

Higher Education Assessment Development Services

We provide highly efficient and creative assessment writing services to our valued clients.

The traditional methods of assessment, such as multiple-choice questions and essays, may not effectively evaluate the higher-order critical thinking skills and competencies required in a competency-based curriculum. This can lead to a mismatch between the desired outcomes of the curriculum and the actual evaluation of student learning.

Furthermore, the pressure to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality assessments can lead to a lack of time and resources for institutions to conduct thorough evaluations and evaluations that meet the desired outcome of the curriculum.

Innovalance’s assessment development process is designed to evaluate higher-order critical thinking skills and competencies required in a competency-based curriculum. We use a variety of assessment methods, such as case studies, problem-based learning, and simulation-based assessments, to evaluate students’ learning effectively.

We also understand the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality assessments. Our team is well-equipped to handle time and resource constraints, ensuring that the assessments are delivered on time and meet the desired outcome of the curriculum.

Our team of Quality Analysts (QAs) is specialized in different disciplines, ensuring that the assessments are thoroughly checked and scanned for plagiarism.

The QAs ensure that the assessments are:

  • Original and free of plagiarism
  • Adhere to the client guidelines
  • Map to learning objectives, standards, framework, and metadata
  • Relevant to the topic and factually correct
  • Free of basic language errors and in the correct format

QAs check assessments for alignment with standards and best practices and for quality in formatting, grammar, and punctuation. They work closely with SMEs to improve accuracy and relevance, as well as engagement and interactivity for students.

Types of Assessment

We at Innovalance Learning are experienced in developing a wide range of assessment items to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our customized assessment items are based on the curriculum model given in the client guidelines, and we can develop questions for all concept fields and qualification levels. Our assessment items include:

Customized to any required format such as filling the gaps, pairing, tables, graphs, or any other stimulation across all subjects and grade levels, and aligned to required learning goals and metadata tags.

Developed to assess the understanding of the subject matter by the students and challenge students to exhibit their writing skills while applying their knowledge to different scenarios.

Developed to increase the test validity and reliability, and can be text-based, picture-based, graph-based, table-based, or diagram-based.

Curated to challenge the Higher Order Thinking Skills and critical analysis by the application of skills such as comparing and contrasting, drawing conclusions, and synthesizing information to real-life scenarios.

Challenge students to apply their high-order thinking skills to complete a task in real life and evaluate the practical skills of students.

Developed using the latest trends in the E-learning industry, including cloze with drag & drop/drop-down, classification, match list, order list, and token highlight.

Challenge students to support their answers with evidence from the text.

Developed to challenge students to apply solution techniques to solve a question requiring calculations, with steps of the solutions marked individually, and each question solved by the expert to ensure accuracy.

In addition, Innovalance also provides NGSS & STEM higher education assessment development services, Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Services, Psychometric Assessments higher education assessment development services, 4C Assessment Services item writing service provider company, Item Banking Assessment Development Services, Competitive Examination Assessment Development and Higher education assessment development services.

Process Flow?

To ensure that our assessments meet these desired qualities, we follow a structured and systematic approach to assessment development:

We start by understanding the client’s needs, including learning outcomes and competencies that the assessment should measure.

Develop assessment questions: Our team then develops a pool of assessment questions that are relevant to the topic and aligned with the learning outcomes.

Our Quality Analysts (QAs) then conduct a thorough review of the questions, checking for plagiarism and ensuring they meet desired objectivity.

The QAs also ensure that the questions are aligned with the latest best practices and industry standards.

The SMEs and QAs collaborate to review and improve questions for engaging and interactive assessments.

Once the assessment has been reviewed and finalized, it is delivered to the client for implementation.

The Innovalance team is always on the lookout for ways to improve our assessment development process, taking into account the client’s feedback and industry trends.