Transforming K-12 & Higher Education Learning Content into Effective Digital Resources.

Professional Tagging Services

Transforming K-12 & Higher Education Learning Content into Effective Digital Resources.Enhancing K-12  & Higher Education Learning Resources with Curated, Expert-Generated TagsEnhancing the Visibility of Learning Assets with Accurate, Expert-Created TagsInnovalance provides expert-curated tags for enhanced discoverability of learning assets on the internet.

With the increasing trend of digitization, education is moving online, and organizations are regularly converting their learning assets into digital assets. This requires the help of professional tagging service providers who can deliver error-free services regularly. However, tagging academic content requires the guidance of subject matter experts, and many tagging service providers lack experienced SMEs, which leads to errors in the tagged products. Additionally, many companies avoid testing the tags to meet deadlines, which leads to inaccuracies in the tagged products and causes inconvenience to the clients.

This highlights the need for a reliable and accurate tagging service provider that can deliver error-free products regularly and on time, and has both academic experts and software experts to ensure the accuracy of the tags. Innovalance, with a team of highly qualified SMEs, instructional designers, copywriters, graphic designers, and editors, offers personalized, accurate and error-free tagging services that can help organizations to make their learning assets more discoverable and accessible over the internet.

Innovalance is a leading EduTech service provider in the USA, and specializes in providing accurate and error-free tagging services for K-12  & Higher Education learning assets. The company has experienced software engineers and search engine optimization experts who produce appropriate tags after thorough research. In addition, Innovalance has subject matter experts for all K-12  & Higher Education subjects and grades, who guide the software engineers to ensure that the finished product contains accurate academic content.

The company tests the products thoroughly before delivery, and their testing procedure involves three stages: academic testing, tag testing, and live testing, which ensures that the tags are completely error-free. Innovalance’s services are affordable, and they offer fully customized tags that meet the specific needs of the clients. Additionally, the company offers instant editing and modification, even after delivery, and delivers the products within strict deadlines, with 24×7 client support.

Types of Tagging Services

Innovalance offers a variety of tagging services to meet the diverse needs of clients. Some of the services include

In addition, Innovalance also provides copy editing services online, copy editing services companies, best copy editing services, and academic copy editing services. Overall, Innovalance is dedicated to delivering efficient and error-free tagging services to satisfy the varied requirements of the clients.

Process Flow?

Innovalance’s tagging process involves the following steps

Connecting with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements.

Reviewing the materials to be uploaded and getting familiar with the content.

Conducting keyword research to develop accurate SEO tags to make the content more discoverable.

Tagging the learning content by following the established guidelines and best practices.

Checking the accuracy of the tagged content by subject matter experts.

Verifying the product for any anomalies or glitches by software experts.

Quality checking the final product before it goes live.

Offering the possibility of modification to the clients anytime during or after the process

Overall, the process includes connecting, discussing, researching, tagging, testing and delivering the final product, that ensures that the final product is accurate, error-free and meets the client’s needs.

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