Assessment Development

As the term itself suggests quite clearly, Assessment development is actually an assessment of the development students have gone through as a result of what they are taught during advancing levels of study. The whole purpose behind this exercise is that students don’t just acquire bookish knowledge related to the course, but they also acquire a balanced mix of knowledge, skills and outlook that empowers them to be successful in the real world. In order to ensure that the students that are advancing through the various levels of study turn out to be confident and engaged citizens of the world, they need to be thoroughly evaluated through various assessment methods.

These are comprised of a wide range of methods that are designed to better assess the students through initial assessment, in-process assessment, summative assessment, confirmative assessment, norm based assessment, criteria based assessment and comparison based assessment.

Initial assessment is carried out when an academic course is about to begin. The primary purpose behind this assessment is to gather sufficient know-how about the strong and weak points of the students, and the level of skills and knowledge they possess before taking up the course. Based on this assessment, then the teaching methods and instructions are devised to effectively cater to the students who are starting the course.

In-process assessments are put in place to aid in better learning for the students. The most crucial purpose of this assessment is to supervise learning and offer feedback to amend the teaching methods and instructions as per requirements. The benefit of this assessment is that it acts as a continuous improvement in the method and quality of instructions and their impact on the students.

Summative assessments are mainly to assess the levels of learning among the students at the conclusion of a quarterly period of the course. This assessment is conducted primarily through assignments, projects and tests to measure the awareness, skills, and approach of the students at the end of a course period. The purpose of this assessment is to gauge the knowledge enhancement of students and the effectiveness of instructional methodology.

This assessment is carried out at the very end of a course period to gauge the efficacy of methodology of instructions and how much it has been successful in enhancing the skill and knowledge level of students as a consequence. This way the Alma-Mater is able to take into stock the fact that the instructional strategies it has put in place to educate the students is really bearing fruits or not.

This type of assessment is undertaken to measure the performance of students in comparison to the fixed average norms in a region or a country. For example, comparing the standard grade achieved by students in a particular subject in the state. This helps in understanding the performance of the students in the larger context of a state or a country.

Criteria based assessment is carried out to check the skill and knowledge levels of students in comparison to certain pre-defined yardsticks of knowledge. This assessment helps in shedding light on the learning abilities of the students at a certain stage of learning. The main objective of this assessment is to measure the efficiency of the curriculum that has been imparted during the course.

The main purpose of this assessment is to track the progress of students in comparison to their previous performances. This kind of assessment is more effective than peer based assessment, because it doesn’t promote a sense of enmity among students. Instead, it helps in motivating students to better their performance against their previous ones, and gain more knowledge and skill with the passage of time

We employ a wide range of assessment methods primarily to improve the overall quality of our instructional methodology, so that it could prove more beneficial to the students who are joining our education platform. Based on these period assessments, our instructors are better able to incorporate critical changes in our instructional methods and are able to deliver courses that are actually able to improve overall performance of students.

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