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Video Solutions are primarily video based programs that are able to create more impact on the minds of the audiences through audio-visual media presentations. So as educators, we have incorporated video based learning in our courses to add an interactive approach to e-learning. Although video based learning is not a new term, but the latest audio-visual tools have really helped us in giving a new dimension to the way we impart knowledge to our students and enhance their skill levels to better prepare them to face the challenges of this ever evolving world.

Benefits of using Video Solutions for learning...

There are several benefits of using video based learning techniques for developing skills and imparting knowledge, but a few of them that often standout among others are discussed below…

One of the most important benefits of video based learning is that it automatically creates a much higher degree of student involvement in comparison to learning that is only text based. This is primarily because audio complemented videos are often able to draw a better picture of theoretical concepts for students than the boring and mundane textbooks filled with volumes of information. These educational videos often use non-verbal hints to engage the students even more, and as a consequence, the students are continuously involved with the visuals while grasping every bit of information that is conveyed in the presentation.

Another key benefit of video based learning is that it is literally able to impart practical knowledge of the subject matter by showing it through virtual reality. And since we all know that the best way of learning something is by doing it, the virtual reality videos of the process often result in the best learning outcomes for students. There are many subjects that require practical insight into the process, where the theoretical part may not be sufficient to do the job. In such scenarios, learning based on virtual reality videos of the processes is often the only way to achieve the desired objective.

Video based learning also results in better and longer retention of information by the students, which is also a scientifically proven fact. Since these instructional videos are a combination of texts, moving and static visuals and accompanying sounds, they are able to appeal to both senses (hearing and seeing) at once. Studies also indicate that adults normally remember just 10% of what they hear from others and only 20% of what they read from newspapers or mobile screens. However, when it comes to recalling what they have seen through videos or pictures, the percentage staggeringly shoots up 80% in most cases. This clearly means that knowledge or skills that are imparted through audio-visual presentations are bound to result in better learning because of longer retention.

Considering the fact that Smartphones have penetrated most households these days, video based learning often presents the most affordable way of learning to students even from their homes. Students who can’t afford going to expensive educational institutes to learn a trade craft or skill, they now have the option of gathering knowledge through free educational videos available on the Internet. There are many educators who upload such videos on popular media platforms like YouTube, where most of these educational videos can be accessed either free of cost or at very minimal charge. Video based learning also doesn’t require students to travel to a place and attend course lectures in person, which not only saves precious time but money as well on travelling expenses. Moreover, students also don’t need to spend money on books; they only need a decent Smartphone and an affordable data plan to acquire all the skills and knowledge that they desire.

Looking at the wide reach of video based study materials being used nowadays, it is no wonder that more and more educators and online education platforms are using educational videos to cater more effectively to their students. We too have been using these video based instructional videos for quite some time now, and the results have no doubt exceeded our expectations. 


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