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Rahul Khushu
Founder and Director

Rahul Khushu is a co-founder and director of Innovalance Learning Systems (ILS). Rahul is an alumnus of Delhi University and holds a master’s degree in Commerce. He has 7+ years’ experience in teaching having expertise in taxation matters including Direct and Indirect taxation.

Rahul began his career in the field of international taxation and soon realized his passion for imparting the knowledge to the learners using different methodologies. After starting Innovalance learning systems, he started working with different educational institutions and ed-tech companies around the globe helping them to achieve the common goal that is quality education for all.

He always leads and motivates subordinates and oversees all business activities to ensure they produce the desired results for the clients. Ensuring project delivery on time and aligning the efforts of the team to achieve the ultimate organizational goal that is “being the best in what we do” is the primary motto in which Rahul believes.