Innovalance’s Accessibility Services

Innovalance’s Accessibility Services

Client Overview

Our client is a leading education company, established 35 years ago, which provides personalized, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep, and admission products and services. They have several test-prep worksheets with items containing images that required making these images accessible. They approached Innovalance for assistance.

Problem Statement

Our client identified over 120,000 images that required alt-text across Math and Science. They needed these images to be accessible to students with visual impairments. They required an expert team who could create high-quality alt-text descriptions of images quickly, accurately, and with precision.

Innovalance Relationship

The education company collaborated with Innovalance to provide accessibility services for their images. Innovalance offered a broad range of accessibility services that met their requirements. Our team of professionals was equipped with researchers, academicians, accessibility experts, and accessibility testing experts. Our team could handle the project and provided timely delivery while taking feedback into consideration.


At Innovalance, we offer several accessibility services, including alt-text writing, accessibility audits, accessibility testing, video lectures, explainer videos, and PDF accessibility remediation. For this particular project, we focused on alt-text writing to make the images accessible.

Our professionals chose the products carefully, considering the specifications, rules, and accuracy of the material. They streamlined the information to make it more inviting and engaging to read. They took steps to maintain authenticity overall.

Our team of Alt Text writers were skilled professionals that could provide insightful and easily accessible Alt Texts quickly. We ensured that the alt-text descriptions of the images were in line with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards.


Innovalance successfully created alt-text descriptions for all 120,000 images within the agreed period. We ensured that each description was accurate and met the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. Our client’s worksheets and test prep materials became accessible to students with visual impairments. This made their educational materials more inclusive and widened their potential audience.


Innovalance provided our client with an efficient and reliable solution for their accessibility needs. Our team of professionals were able to provide high-quality alt-text descriptions for all 120,000 images within the agreed period, without compromising quality. By providing accessibility services to our client, Innovalance helped to make education more inclusive and accessible to students with visual impairments.