PDFs accessible services

PDFs accessible services

Client Overview

The client is a market leader in technology-driven solutions for the extraction, enrichment, and transformation of content assets. They specialize in helping organizations make their digital content accessible, usable, and interoperable.

Problem Statement

The client was approached by the training department of a large healthcare provider that wanted to make their training PDFs accessible. The healthcare provider had over 1000 PDFs that needed to be made accessible to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

Innovalance Relationship

The healthcare provider approached the client to make their training PDFs accessible. The client engaged Innovalance to make the PDFs accessible based on a rigorous process.

Solution by Innovalance

Innovalance worked with the client to make a set of 1000 PDFs accessible. Each PDF was made accessible based on the following process:

  • Embed fonts in the files through Adobe Acrobat Command
  • Append metadata .xmpfile to each PDF
  • Add alternate descriptions for images, email-ids, hyperlinks, and form fields.
  • Test the documents on NVIDIA or other screen reader tools to ensure that the documents are read out correctly.
  • The PDFs are tested using PAC2.


Results with Improved Concrete Facts and Figures: Innovalance successfully made 1000 training PDFs accessible for the healthcare provider. The PDFs were tested using PAC2 to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. The training department of the healthcare provider was pleased with the outcome, and their employees were able to access the training materials without any accessibility barriers.


Innovalance helped the healthcare provider meet their accessibility requirements for their training materials by making their PDFs accessible. Innovalance’s rigorous process ensured that the PDFs were compliant with accessibility standards and could be accessed by all employees. The healthcare provider was satisfied with the outcome and plans to continue to work with Innovalance for their accessibility needs.